The Joy of Cooking at Home

Everyone who loves cooking at home has their own reasons for it, but here’s mine. Recently I’ve been enjoying cooking at home a lot more because I just upgraded my kitchen appliances. I got tired of having to repair the dishwasher every Christmas–and dirty dishes are one thing that holds many people back from cooking in their own kitchen frequently–and now cleaning up after a big meal is a breeze.

Also, with my new microwave, reheating leftovers is as easy as ever, and in my opinion microwaving leftovers can still be considered cooking at home, unless of course you’re microwaving delivered pizza or Chinese food, haha.

The other day I made tortellini with a homemade alfredo sauce. And it wasn’t the taste that made it so memorable. What makes me think of that cooking experience with joy is the way the sun shone on my kitchen counter as I worked slowly to good music. Oh yes, it was so nice.

So if you’re looking for a way to find more joy out of cooking at home then try this: play some good music, pour your favorite beverage, and don’t forget to sample the food as you cook. You don’t have to cook something fancy, but to enjoy it you have to derive pleasure from the experience. What do you like to do when you’re working? Have a podcast on in the background, or a football game? Or do you like to have someone to talk to? For me, it’s not just the cooking that I enjoy. It’s spending time in my clean kitchen with the ones I love, knowing that when I’m done I’ll have something incredible to eat.

That’s why love cooking in my own kitchen, using the new domestic appliances I spent a lot of money for. And you can enjoy it too if you find a way. Have fun.

Is Good Food All About Taste?

In case you’re actually wondering, the answer is no! There are at least 3 other major aspects that make food “good”. Of course, taste is a major factor for most people, and that’s why most people in America are, well, unhealthy…

Welcome to Mizuna Food, the blog all about healthy eating and cooking at home with kitchen appliances. I just used my Samsung oven today to cook a great cabbage sausage. If you don’t know what a cabbage sausage is then you’ll learn all about it on a later post. I promise.

But, now, here are those 3 major aspects that make food “good” even if it tastes bad. Before we start I just want to say thanks for checking out our new blog. We’re so glad you’re here!

3 Things Besides Taste that Make Food “GOOD”

1. The science behind GMOs is still in a blurry gray zone when it comes to health but I’ve been persuaded for years now that organic means you’re not taking a risk in the first place. 100 years ago all food was “organic” because GMOs didn’t exist yet, or at least in the way we understand GMOs today. We could sit here and argue that modern corn and kale are GMOs, but you know what I mean when I say GMO, right? I’m talking about foods that have been engineered in a lab by scientists at a molecular level, not just foods that we’ve shaped over hundreds of years like we have with breeding dogs. So, in my circle, organic food is good food!

2. This one is simple! If it’s meat, was it raised ethically? By that I mean were the animals raised in pens tied toe to toe with no sense of what free life feels like. I love how good it feels to eat ethically raised meat, and you should too.

3. This one is also simple… was the food raised with or without preservatives? For me, it doesn’t matter how good the food tastes if it comes from a year-old bag that’s pumped full of chemicals that cause cancer. Enough said!


So now you know taste isn’t the only thing that makes food good. And for all you lovely people who already knew that, please share this post to spread awareness. Thanks for reading.

Our new blog!

This blog is all about good food choices and how to make them with new modern appliances. We love talking about life in the kitchen just as much as food recipes and healthy eating. A big part of healthy eating, to us, is having clean appliances that work orderly. Here, you can expect to learn everything from our Mizuna recipes to how to fix a fridge.

We can’t wait to get started. Stay tuned.