One Food Habit to Change This Year

It’s the start of a new year and I don’t know about you but I got about a dozen minor yet noticeable bad food habits that I’d wish to get rid of. If that sounds like a lot then you don’t want to know how much I used to have. I’m talking about small things like too much sugar in my coffee or eating too much calories at breakfast, etc. Not eating whole cakes or anything like that.

Every year one of these minor but annoying bad food habits gets eliminated by my will, and it usually starts about this time of the year. This time around I’m starting 2021 with the challenge of eliminating a certain pesky bad food habit that has been with me for way too long now.

My bad food habit to eliminate this year–have you guessed it?–that’s right! It’s drinking 0 calorie gin sodas instead of beer. I don’t drink a lot of beer but if I can avoid the bloating by sacrificing beer for gin sodas then it’s something I should do for my health. Just one small thing that stacked up on top of many other small things makes a big difference in improving my overall health. Doing this also strengthens my will power and hopefully inspires others like you!

What’s the one bad food habit you want to get rid of this year?

The Joy of Cooking at Home

Everyone who loves cooking at home has their own reasons for it, but here’s mine. Recently I’ve been enjoying cooking at home a lot more because I just upgraded my kitchen appliances. I got tired of having to repair the dishwasher every Christmas–and dirty dishes are one thing that holds many people back from cooking in their own kitchen frequently–and now cleaning up after a big meal is a breeze.

Also, with my new microwave, reheating leftovers is as easy as ever, and in my opinion microwaving leftovers can still be considered cooking at home, unless of course you’re microwaving delivered pizza or Chinese food, haha.

The other day I made tortellini with a homemade alfredo sauce. And it wasn’t the taste that made it so memorable. What makes me think of that cooking experience with joy is the way the sun shone on my kitchen counter as I worked slowly to good music. Oh yes, it was so nice.

So if you’re looking for a way to find more joy out of cooking at home then try this: play some good music, pour your favorite beverage, and don’t forget to sample the food as you cook. You don’t have to cook something fancy, but to enjoy it you have to derive pleasure from the experience. What do you like to do when you’re working? Have a podcast on in the background, or a football game? Or do you like to have someone to talk to? For me, it’s not just the cooking that I enjoy. It’s spending time in my clean kitchen with the ones I love, knowing that when I’m done I’ll have something incredible to eat.

That’s why love cooking in my own kitchen, using the new domestic appliances I spent a lot of money for. And you can enjoy it too if you find a way. Have fun.

Our new blog!

This blog is all about good food choices and how to make them with new modern appliances. We love talking about life in the kitchen just as much as food recipes and healthy eating. A big part of healthy eating, to us, is having clean appliances that work orderly. Here, you can expect to learn everything from our Mizuna recipes to how to fix a fridge.

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